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Do You Have to Have Sex with Your Sugar Daddy in a Sugar Daddy Relationship?

do you have to have sex with a sugar daddy?

Having a long-lasting relationship with your sugar daddy is extremely important if you are looking to enter a committed relationship that will last longer than a week. You work hard to get to know people, bond with them and form a mutual relationship based on your shared interests.

What you don’t want to do is sleep with your sugar daddy on the first date and start your relationship off on the wrong footing. You and your sugar daddy need to form a strong relationship together based on what you love doing together and the things you both enjoy. A relationship that is purely based on sex will be destined to fail, sooner rather than later.

Instead of focusing on sex you need to focus on the other needs your sugar daddy has. A successful sugar baby will know everything she can about her sugar daddy, what he enjoys eating, where he likes to go, what are his interests what makes him laugh and what makes him smile.

Often the natural instinct is to try and cement your new position by taking the relationship as far as you can as quickly as you can. What you need to think about is this the image of yourself you are willing to portray to other people?

You need to inspire your sugar daddy; you want him to want to please you, to make you happy. Not because you sleep with him, because he wants to give you something that makes you smile and vice versa.

A sugar daddy isn’t a mind reader, he doesn’t know what you want, you need to show him through your own actions. Inspire their emotional desire to be with you, make him show you how much he wants you and wants to be with you.

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