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Do You Have to Have Sex with Your Sugar Daddy in a Sugar Daddy Relationship?

do you have to have sex with a sugar daddy?

Having a long-lasting relationship with your sugar daddy is extremely important if you are looking to enter a committed relationship that will last longer than a week. You work hard to get to know people, bond with them and form a mutual relationship based on your shared interests.

What you don’t want to do is sleep with your sugar daddy on the first date and start your relationship off on the wrong footing. You and your sugar daddy need to form a strong relationship together based on what you love doing together and the things you both enjoy. A relationship that is purely based on sex will be destined to fail, sooner rather than later.

Instead of focusing on sex you need to focus on the other needs your sugar daddy has. A successful sugar baby will know everything she can about her sugar daddy, what he enjoys eating, where he likes to go, what are his interests what makes him laugh and what makes him smile.

Often the natural instinct is to try and cement your new position by taking the relationship as far as you can as quickly as you can. What you need to think about is this the image of yourself you are willing to portray to other people?

You need to inspire your sugar daddy; you want him to want to please you, to make you happy. Not because you sleep with him, because he wants to give you something that makes you smile and vice versa.

A sugar daddy isn’t a mind reader, he doesn’t know what you want, you need to show him through your own actions. Inspire their emotional desire to be with you, make him show you how much he wants you and wants to be with you.


How to Write the Perfect Sugar Baby Profile to Attract the Perfect Sugar Daddy

perfecting your sugar profileLanding yourself the perfect sugar daddy begins with having a fantastic sugar baby profile, the following guide will help you showcase yourself in the perfect light.

The important thing to remember first and foremost is to be yourself, potential sugar daddies don’t want to read an essay, and they aren’t going through a checklist, keep it natural. This doesn’t mean that you can fill your profile full of slang or abbreviations either, keep it informal but make sure it is well written. If you struggle with writing or typing, then have a friend read it over and check it for you before you post it.

Don’t make your profile so short that it is only a few lines and a message saying contact me for more information, because chances are they won’t. Your sugar daddy wants to learn as much about a potential sugar baby as possible before he makes the next move of contacting you.

Avoid any use of words like “spoiling” or “princess” or anything else such as that. Everyone enjoys being treated like a princess or spoiled, especially sugar babies! You don’t have to shout it out all over your profile.

Don’t generalize yourself, what you enjoy or certain details about yourself. The more your talk about how you enjoy doing a thing and what inspires you or makes you smile and laugh, the more your potential sugar daddy will feel that he knows you and will want to contact you. You aren’t advertising all the things that you want to do because of them; you are telling them what you would like to enjoy doing with them.

Some great topics to choose to speak about are Travel, hobbies, interest, passions things you want to achieve in life, your goals, and ambitions.

Make sure that you check out what everyone else is writing and how their layout looks on their profile. Soon you will get a feel for what is working and what isn’t working.

Good luck sugar babies! I hope you find the perfect sugar daddy for yourself!


What’s it like to have a sugar daddy / sugar momma?

sugar dating

If you’re under the impression that having money is the only criterion for being qualified as a sugar daddy or a sugar momma, you’re absolutely wrong. There is a completely different side to this, which isn’t usually talked about by a lot of people. Whilst there is no doubt about the fact that sugar dating is fun and people who get into a sugar relationship do so in order to get away from the monotony of life, it requires you to be a responsible person.

If you’re wondering what it would be like to a sugar daddy or sugar momma, read on to find out:

  • Expected to be responsible and accountable:

    There is a certain kind of image usually with rich men and women. When you know a person is a millionaire, you think of him as a responsible person who is accountable for all the key decisions made in the company or organization. And, this certainly carries over into the relationship. Sugar babies trust their partners and everything said or done by them is appreciated. With the kind of wisdom a sugar daddy brings to the table, you’d learn a lot.

  • Mentorship:

    Many sugar babies look forward to getting into a relationship with a sugar daddy in order to gain knowledge and learn a few secrets of the trade. It goes without saying that sugar daddies have tones of experience, having established business empires. Besides, some sugar daddies also hold key positions in leading global organizations.

  • Luxurious stuff and exotic vacations:

    When you’re dating a sugar daddy, you’d have access to all the luxurious stuff you’ve ever dreamt of owning or having access to. You’d be chauffeured in luxurious saloons, and have access to his yacht and private planes. Isn’t this the kind of life every girl dreams to live? That’s not all; when you’re dating a sugar daddy, you’d also be his companion during vacations to some of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Shopping you get a completely different meaning once you have a sugar daddy in your life.

  • They’re influential:

    Dating a sugar daddy would mean you’d be accompanying him on important events, where you’d be able to connect with a lot of other influential people, whom you would have admired. It goes without saying that having strong connections would pay a path to your growth in terms of career.

Sugar daddies and sugar mommas have played a crucial role in the lives of their sugar partners. It is worth mentioning that sugar relationships aren’t just about hanging out together and making love. Indeed, it is a learning experience and something you’d certainly cherish for a long time. If you’re looking to connect with sugar daddies or sugar mommas, consider joining a sugar daddy website to stand a chance of connecting with one.


Can a sugar daddy relationship be fulfilling?

sugar daddy relationship

Whether you’re a young and beautiful woman looking for a sugar daddy or an older, successful and wealthy man looking for a beautiful woman to spoil, you need to read this. There are some things you should definitely consider before entering a sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship.

It seems simple enough to do – you go to a sugar daddy website, take a deep breath and enter in your profile. You enter in what you want – if you’re a woman, you say you want someone wealthy, older and local, who knows about the finer things in life and is willing to be generous with you. In exchange, you give him your attention, your time and your affection. As a man, you say you want someone young, stylish and beautiful, who is pleasant to be with, good company, and who will accompany you to prestigious events and keep you company while you navigate life’s adventures. You will, of course, foot the bill, you say. But think the whole thing over before entering into a new relationship. Here are things to consider for both sugar daddies and sugar babies.

A must-read for sugar daddies

First, you need to realize that this new woman that is coming into your life – this young, hot, beautiful girl – is only here because you have stated that you are financially blessed, and willing to spoil her.

As long as you both acknowledge this, and are OK with the terms, you will both be fine.

She might genuinely like you and your company, and laugh at your jokes because they are humorous, and sleep with you because she’s somewhat attracted to you, but the fact of the matter is, the primary reason she’s with you is because of your bank balance. Never forget that if that money were ever to cease to be in that bank account, she would likely be gone, too. Don’t have any illusions that she is with you for other reasons than your money, and because you are spending that money on her, and then you will never be disappointed. Of course, she probably likes you at least a little, or no money would ever be worth that misery. But you cannot delude yourself that she would stay even if the money were gone.

A must-read for sugar babies

Your parents would be horrified and your friends would be aghast if they ever knew that you were considering a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship.

“You have the potential for so much more,” they’d say. Or, “don’t you want to get settled down with a boy your own age?”

But remember, you’re a grown woman, and it’s your choice. As long as you are fine with the fact that a man may be objectifying you as a person (he’s with you because you are young and hot) and that you are receiving gifts from this man for that reason, this arrangement could work out beautifully for you. You would get to go on luxurious vacations you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, go to dinners at the best restaurants, and meet important people at functions that you otherwise wouldn’t attend. If you’re a student or a young person getting started in business, the contacts could be amazing for your career. Remember, this relationship is just like a business transaction. He gives you money and comfort, you bestow him with the pleasure of your company. Just don’t let it damage your self-esteem and you’ll be fine.


Christmas Gifts For Your Sugar Daddy

gift idea

Especially for Sugar Babies, Christmas should not just be considered as a mere holiday but a season to be spoiled. If you are wondering if you should get a Christmas gift for your Sugar Daddy, why not go for it? As much as you receive things from your ‘Santa’ there is no crime in giving him something back in return this season.

However, this really depends on your arrangement. You are not obliged to present your Sugar Daddy with any gift if both of you just met recently (like one day ago). But if both of you have been in a relationship for some time now and you fully know that he will materially support you this Christmas, then a return gesture isn’t a bad idea. Are you skeptical about what could be suitable for your Sugar Daddy? Here are some inspiring gift ideas that you will find very appropriate.

The Gadget Lover

There is no other gadget on the planet that can scour above real estate, take amazing snapshots from the angle of a bird’s eye and deliver pizza in due course than the drone. Currently, this irresistible gimmick is one of the hottest gadgets on the market. Get this if you want to surprise your Daddy this holiday. If your man is an avid traveler, the charging wallet is another functional irresistible gadget he is bound to value. This wallet does not just hold cash and complimentary cards alone but provides a quick charge for his cell phone.

The Personalized Touch

You do not need to empty your account to please your Sugar Daddy with a gift for Christmas. Instead, you can choose to go for something personalized and hearty that can put a smile on his face. This could either be a pendant that holds his initials to make him know that you are embed in his heart or a picture frame with a photo from your recent trip. You can also check out other interesting gifts on which you can inscribe something sweet. If you choose to go naughty, creating Boudoir shots won’t be a bad idea. Personally shoot a sexy calendar to satisfy his eyes alone!

The Fashionisto

If your Sugar Daddy does not flow along with the shopping life but enjoys appearing at his best, then you can remodel him this Christmas season. Be the fashion giver by adding glamor to his style especially if you’ve had a longer term arrangement, you are sure to have gotten used to his looks. Whether it is the perfect pair of boardshorts or a new pair of cufflinks, just give something that will ignite the special kind appreciative reaction his is sure to display.

Outdoorsy Man

If your Sugar Daddy is a kind of a lumberman who perhaps considers himself as an outdoor enthusiast, opting for a special weather resistant jacket or a good hunting knife will certainly be heartwarming. Go for a new tool to add to his set if he considers himself to be a kind of handyman. Note that it is all about give and take for an arrangement, much like a relationship.