Sugar Baby 101

All About the Sugar Dating Lifestyle & Tips for Sugar Babies

About is a blog site that aims to help sugar babies successfully land a sugar daddy online. Here you can find reviews of the best dating sites to find a sugar daddy, as well as sugar dating tips, lifestyle blogs and stories to help you understand what is sugar dating and enjoy sugar dating.

What is a sugar daddy?

A sugar daddy is a man who can financially support a woman in return for romance and companionship. Sometimes there is no sex involved so you couldn’t call it prostitution. But most sugar daddies are straight-forward that they want sex, and good sex. Some people think that sugar daddy must be rich. If not rich, he must be financially stable so he can afford to pay a monthly allowance to his sugar baby. Typical amount of monthly allowance that sugar daddies on give their sugar babies is $1k to $3k or more.

What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby refers to a woman who thinks she is attractive and wants to live a lavish lifestyle or needs a sugar daddy to pay her college tuition, rent and bills. Most of the sugar babies are hot, sexy, good looking, in good shape. But there are some sugar daddies who prefer bbw sugar babies, or blonde sugar babies. Who knows? Any woman who wants to find a sugar daddy can give it a try online, and nobody knows you unless you give your real name, real address, real info, and your facebook. Sugar daddy dating sites have made it confidential. So why not?

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